Girona Airport Parking Services

May 27, 2019 Off By Wade Morgan
Girona Airport Parking Services


Girona Airport is based in Spain and is located approximately 12 km from Girona town. The number of flights in and out of Girona airport increased significantly since the 2000s after the introduction of the Ryanair Airline, which was an Irish airline. The airport has a vast parking space that can accommodate approximately 3,500 vehicles at a given time owing to its large number of passengers. Girona airport serves nearly two million passengers who fly to different destinations such as Pisa, Moscow, Oradea, Baden, and Cagliari. On top of that, the airport has two terminals which handle passenger departures and arrivals.

Advantages of Girona Airport Parking

1. The parking areas are closer to the terminals for traveling conveniences.

2. Girona airport parking offers free shuttle services to and from the parking areas.

3. The parking areas are operated 24 hours a day.

4. There are covered parking areas which are more secure.

5. The parking charges are affordable and can comfortably fit your budget.

Girona estacio ferrocarril

Parking Services at Girona Airport

Girona airport has expanded its parking facilities to accommodate around 3,500 vehicles. Besides vehicles, the airport provides parking services for motorcycles which are parked in car parking areas.

1. General Parking Services

The general parking areas are located close to the terminals of the airport for convenience. These parking areas are enclosed buildings which are monitored 24/7. Additionally, the services provide parking provisions for vehicles exceeding 2.10 meters long. In this parking option, passengers usually pay EUR 10.50 for parking their cars for 24 hours. On top of the parking services, the parking areas are equipped with battery chargers for charging dead car batteries.

2. Bicycles/Motorcycles Parking Services

Motorcycles are usually parked in the vehicle parking spaces. There are specialized parking spaces for bicycles in the Rent-a-Car building where they are parked in the main lobby. The airport does not permit the parking of bicycles/motorcycles along pedestrian walkways or pavements. Illegally parked bicycles are usually moved to secure places and their owners fined for violating parking regulations.

Bicycles/Motorcycles Parking Services

3. Off-Girona Parking Services

Besides the parking areas that are available in the airport, other parking companies are located close to the Girona airport. Passengers travel from these parking areas to the Girona airport terminals using shuttles that offer affordable services. The companies include:

  • Park Via – Park Via Agency charges EUR 38.00 parking fee per week.
  • Aparcament Cufi – The agency charges EUR 4.90 daily.
  • Aparkivoli – Aparkivoli provides both short and long-term parking services.

Estació de ferrocarril de Girona, pl. Espanya, i parada de la Girocleta

The parking agency charges EUR 25.00 for three days from Friday to Sunday, EUR 39.00 for five days from Monday to Friday, EUR 55.00 from Sunday to Sunday, and EUR 69.00 from Friday to Friday. On top of that, the agency charges EUR 10.00 per day for parking in the covered parking areas.

Booking Parking and Accessing the Car Park

Booking of a parking area is usually made through the official website of Girona airport. To book, specify the delivery and pickup dates and times in the Girona official website. After online booking, a confirmation notification will be sent to you through your email.

To access the car park, you should stop at the entry barrier to pick a ticket. After making the payment, you will be given 20 minutes to leave the airport. If the 20 minutes elapse before you check out of the airport, the barrier will not open, and you will be obliged to drive back to the parking attendant to purchase a new ticket.

In summary, understanding the various categories of Girona airport parking options is essential at ensuring that you select the best parking service depending on your flight schedules.